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Dreams About Friends – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about friends are among the most common dreams. Friends are inseparable parts of our lives, and it’s no wonder we continue thinking about them even in our sleep.

Sầu Sầu
8 minutes

Dreams About Ghosts – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about ghosts are often dreamed when someone close violently dies or is murdered, because people feel haunted by such tragic events.

Sầu Sầu
11 minutes

Dreams About Running Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about running may have many different meanings, and the details of the dream are very important, such as, were you running alone or with someone, running towards something or someone

Sầu Sầu
10 minutes

Dreams About Kissing – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about kissing are very frequent. Almost anyone has had at least several such dreams.

Sầu Sầu
9 minutes

Dreams About Horses Meaning and Interpretation

Horses are beautiful and powerful animals. In dreams, they might signify different things, depending on the content of the dream and your personal inclinations towards horses.

Sầu Sầu
12 minutes